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Welcome to the world of PRAKLA Bohrtechnik

Thank you for your interest in PRAKLA Bohrtechnik GmbH's range of drilling rigs. While quality, security, reliability and a pioneering spirit remain our hallmarks, we also attach high priority to dynamic styling, high convenience and a unique user experience. After all, each drilling rig we produce is informed by our passion for innovation which goes back decades. Yet, the PRAKLA Bohrtechnik brand offers you far more than state-of-the-art drilling equipment. Our comprehensive support services, for instance, will keep you up and running wherever you happen to be drilling.

The following pages outline our drilling rig product and service portfolio together with the wide-ranging features that are certain to cater for your own specific needs. You will be amazed by the incredible variety of demands met by our standard range alone. On top of this, a host of special features and accessories are available to provide you with fully customized solutions.

However, the true value of a PRAKLA drilling rig can only be appreciated in practice – by handling the machinery and, of course, seeing it in action. Please contact us for further information. We shall make every effort to answer any queries to your full satisfaction.

Your PRAKLA Bohrtechnik GmbH - Team


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